Workout Guide: Reflux Style

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    Society has become obsessed with health and fitness. Just about anybody will say that in order to be healthy one must exercise regularly. But for a lot of us, it is easier said than done. For many people the excuse is lack of time. Our busy schedules just don’t allow daily work outs in the fast paced world we live in. But, what if your excuse is not a lack of time or motivation; it is reflux?


    Regardless of the modifications that can be made, vigorous workouts can definitely be a bigger challenge for people with reflux. Keeping upright definitely helps, as does being conscious of what you eat or drink before, during and after exercise. It is absolutely possible to take part in a routine exercise program or to be on a competitive sports team with reflux as long as you know what your body needs and how to manage it.

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    Things to try during workouts:



    At the gym:




    Try this…


    …instead of this

    n      Try doing ab workouts on an exercise ball to keep your body more vertical.

    n      Avoid adjustable ab benches.


    n      Try swimming or even biking to take away some of the ‘bouncing’ motion.

    n      Running on a treadmill

    n      Step class keeps you upright.

    n      Yoga

    n      Bicep curls

    n      Bench press



             For athletes:


    n      Have a small snack before and after workouts but try to avoid big meals in order to minimize reflux symptoms.

    n      Stay well hydrated. Drinking water helps digestion and is good for you anyway!

    n      For those who like sports drinks like Powerade or Gatorade:

    If you buy these in the bottle, try watering them down first. I like using the powder form because I can control how strong it is and it generally tastes less sweet.

    n      Many acid reducers can be taken prior to exercise to eliminate or prevent symptoms of reflux. 


Published On: April 28, 2010