This Week I Lost a Friend

Tracy Davenport, Ph.D. Health Guide
  • When I heard the news of Jan's passing it stopped me in my tracks. Literally. For just one moment it was as if the world stood still. How could someone be such a force of nature one minute and gone the next?


    Jan was a friend to our family. She was the kind of friend that was there for us day and night eight years ago as we tried to figure out our son's acid reflux disease. Jan didn't just talk to us on the phone. She met us at McDonalds and taught us how Ben needed to learn how to play with a straw and ice on his high chair while we all ate the food that he couldn't. Jan was the one who encouraged us to write a book, and then she read it cover to cover and sent it back with meticulous comments. Jan was the kind of friend who came and sat on our back porch and talked mother to mother, about how to get your child through band practice when he or she has reflux. And Jan was the one who helped us find the best medical care in the mid-Atlantic region for our son with acid reflux disease. Yes, our family lost a dear friend this week.

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    But you know what? There was one thing that cheered me up just a little when I thought of Jan's death. I thought of all the GI doctors in heaven that went before her. I hope they didn't plan on getting too much rest, because I am sure that wherever Jan is, she is educating and advocating for the ones she loves.

Published On: April 17, 2011