Acid Reflux Connection 2008 GERD Awareness Week Contest

Laura Editor
  • November 23rd to November 29th marks GERD Awareness week for 2008. Typically, awareness weeks or months are used as a means to promote increased education about a specific condition or disease. But for so many people who experience GERD in their daily lives, awareness means much, much more than "education." Awareness is awknowledgement of sleepless nights, endless doctors visits, inconsolable babies, and empowering parents to be their children's advocates.


    To celebrate this year's GERD Awareness week, Acid Reflux Connection is holding a contest. We want to honor all the parents, caregivers, patients, and advocates who struggle with GERD everyday. So, tell us your story! We are asking that you submit a brief SharePost (about 250 words) detailing your successes, setbacks and triumphs. We want to know how YOU or someone you love is affected by GERD.

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    We'll feature the winning post on the Acid Reflux Connection homepage and in our weekly newsletter. The contest will start today, November, 24 2008, and sumbissions will be accepted until December 6, 2008.


    Happy writing and happy GERD Awareness week!


Published On: November 24, 2008