Mothers of Children With Reflux Need Support From Each Other

Tracy Davenport, Ph.D. Health Guide
  • Even if you have the best medical team in the world, sometimes there is no substitute for a little advice from another parent who really understands your situation.


    Jan Gambino and I are writers and professionals, and we are also mothers taking care of children living with acid reflux. We know that whenever we have a question or concern needing another opinion, the other mother will be there to offer encouragement or advice.


    Every few months we reach out to each other. What follows is this week's correspondence between Jan and me. My hope is that by reading our e-mails to each other, you will see the benefit of shared information, and not hesitate to reach out to another parent who is in a similar position.

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    Dear Tracy,


    I hope you are surviving it all. How is school, etc.? I have a quick question for you. A parent asked me how to get the daily requirement of calcium per day on Neocate. The parent has a 13 month old on Neocate formula. He indicated there is more calcium in the infant formula than the toddler version, so they will keep using the formula awhile longer. I had never heard of this before.


    How does your son get calcium? With my daughter, I have her take 1 or 2 600 mg calcium tablets per day. She doesn't like it, but she is at high risk for bone problems from limited calcium intake.







    Dear Jan,


    Calcium has been a problem for us, too. The nutritionist at A.I. DuPont hospital has been a great resource in that area. Each time we visited with her, she would do a nutritional analysis on Ben's diet. She recommended a vitamin called Vitalets that we get on line. I hope that helps.


    We called Ben's G.I. doctor to try to get an endoscopy scheduled and haven't heard back yet. I dread the whole scene.





    Dear Tracy,


    Thanks for the information. You are a wonderful resource! I know the endoscopy is no fun. If you are able to use your doctor's satellite office, maybe you will be able to be in and out in less time. I am sure Ben won't like it, but I know that office and they are pretty well set up there for pediatric patients.





    Ohhhh, Jan! You totally paid me back! Going to that office would be so much easier for us. I didn't even know that was a possibility.


    Thank you so much!





Published On: October 15, 2007