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  • My son, Ben, woke up twice last night, after first coughing and then smacking his lips. Was it reflux? Was it the beginning of a new cold? It has only been two days since the last cold cleared up, so could this be the same cold getting worse again? Or, could it be that his reflux medication is losing its effectiveness? We certainly have had that happen before. Or maybe he ate something he shouldn’t have before he went to bed (his diet is extremely limited). Or maybe, he awoke due to nightmares caused by those alligator-looking-things on Ice Age II!

    Who knows?

    What I do know is I once heard a professor of disability studies say, “That’s the thing about reflux and food allergies–there is so much uncertainty!” I couldn’t agree more.
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    But with all that said, there are some things I do know about my son’s condition that I hope may help you if your baby or child has reflux. First, one day—or one night—a trend does not make. As the caregiver of your child, it will be up to you to put a more complete picture of your child’s signs and symptoms together than just one night. You should be tracking his or her awakenings for several days until you can see a trend, and then you will have some objective data to present when you need to.

    Second, I know I am doing everything a parent can reasonably do to make my son’s life the best it can be. If you are doing everything you can for your child, I hope there is some peace for you there, even if your child seems incredibly uncomfortable.

    And finally, I also know that if Ben’s multiple night wakening is a renewed trend, we have a great group of medical professionals who will also do their very best to help us with all the uncertainties of acid reflux.

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Published On: April 11, 2006