Making Life Better for a Child with Acid Reflux

Tracy Davenport, Ph.D. Health Guide
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    Acid Reflux in Infants and Children, is my third book aiming to "get it right" for both healthcare providers and parents of infants and children with acid reflux.


    Soon after the second book -- Making Life Better for a Child with Acid Reflux -- was published, we realized that many of those looking for this information were tired, stressed and short on time. We wanted to help them more quickly find a great resource.


    That's why we changed the title to more appropriately reflect the information presented in the book, though it has the same pertinent information as the second book. This newly titled book still contains chapters from the medical gurus in the reflux world, and it covers everything from the psychological impact to medication descriptions. The book has sold world wide. Here is what some have had to say about the book:

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    "I am not sure if this is the appropriate address to write this email but I
    will anyway!!! Many thanks for such a great book. From someone who knew nothing and struggled with my second baby for 13 months with no diagnosis, it has been a Godsend."

    "So I received your book on Saturday and it is now Sun. evening and between short naps and crazy "lack of" sleep schedules I finished your book...this may sound cliché but OMG you were really describing me and my family!! I really got comfort from the book, we are a military family and so my support system is 3000 miles away, my husband works 15 hour days and sometimes nights so I am on my own with this, but your book was like curling up with a hot cup of tea and my mom, it felt that reassuring I thought "ok I will finally get that validation that I am not crazy and more importantly that my child is not a bad kid."



    Our expert, Tracy Davenport, and her husband Dr. Mike Davenport wrote this book. To order, click on the link:

Published On: November 14, 2007