Reflux Friendly Cooking: Coconut Shrimp

Tracy Davenport, Ph.D. Health Guide
  • Coconut Shrimp

    Growing up in the Midwest, it used to be such a big deal when we ate seafood (these were back in the days when you didn’t have all of the frozen options there are now). Today, almost any grocery store anywhere will have shrimp, which is a low fat, easy on the stomach meat option for many. Wherever you are, the recipe below will make you feel like you are on a tropical vacation! The photo is what the shrimp will look like just before baking.




    Cooking spray

    20 large shrimp (uncooked)

    2 eggs slightly beaten

    3/4 cup flour (I used oat flour)

    1/2 tsp. salt

    1/2 tsp. pepper

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    1/2 tsp. paprika or Old Bay seasoning (if tolerated)

    1 cup coconut flakes (unsweetened or sweetened works)




    Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Spray a baking sheet lightly with cooking spray. Make up a dipping station with three bowls. In one bowl, mix together the flour, salt, pepper, and paprika. In the next bowl, slightly beat the eggs. In the third bowl, pour in the coconut. Dip the shrimp first in the flour, then the eggs, then the coconut (it gets a little messy so you can also just hold the shrimp over the bowl and sprinkle the coconut on). Then place the shrimp on a baking sheet and cook for 12 – 15 minutes (until the shrimp are just turning pink). Serve warm. 

Published On: April 16, 2014