The Well-Stocked Pantry

Tracy Davenport, Ph.D. Health Guide
  • One of the best ways to ensure you have everything you need to cook a reflux friendly meal is to have a well-stocked pantry. Having the basics on hand will help you (or the one you cook for) to eat foods that are low in fats and acidity. Having good foods on hand will also allow you to grab a special treat when everyone else is eating things you know would not be good for you.


    Canned Goods

    Chicken broth: this will make a light base for soups or add a depth a flavor to vegetables.


    Lite coconut milk: this can add sweetness or can be used as a thickener.


    Cooking spray: this way you can coat your pans to cook or bake and cut down on the grease.

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    Rice or almond milk: these come in containers that do not need to be refrigerated. They even come in single serving boxes you can grab for the road instead of juice.


    Can of tuna in water or a can of chicken chunks: great for sandwiches and the chicken can be put together with mashed potatoes as a patty and baked to make a quick meal.



    Instant brown rice: this can quickly turn into a side dish everyone can eat or add some sugar and almond milk and make an easy rice pudding.


    Oat flour: my son does not tolerate wheat. In the beginning, I used rice or potato flour and each can be difficult to work with. Oat flour adds a nice “nuttiness” and I use it for everything from cookies to fish batter.


    Potato or rice pasta: even the regular grocery stores are now carrying a wide variety of gluten free pastas.


    Rice breadcrumbs: These come in a bag or a box and you can dredge pork chops or add them to meatballs.


    Instant rice noodles: these come in single size servings and you can just put them in a bowl of water in the microwave and cook in water for a quick snack with some duck or soy sauce on top.


    Chebe Focaccia Mix: when everyone is getting ready to order a pizza, make this mix and you will have a warm “doughy” treat of your own.


    Nuts and Seeds


    Natural peanut butter








    Pure maple syrup: great substitution for chocolate when you are craving a sweet topping.


    Honey: great for a dipping sauce with French fries instead of using ketchup.


    Extracts: vanilla, orange and lemon. A drop of any of these can go a really long way in bake goods.


    Salt and pepper: I have three different salts on hand (each different salt can add a different texture to whatever you are putting together especially if you are limited in the spices you tolerate).


    Ground ginger: this is a warming spice that most tolerate and can be substituted for cinnamon in many recipes.  




    Box of 100% rice crackers: great for that mindless eating that you are bound to do at some point.


    Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Marshmallow Treats: brown rice and brown rice syrup are the first two ingredients so they are pretty easy to digest and my son eats them by the box full.


    Pamela’s Cookies: these are usually found in the health food stores and they are very simply made and taste delicious if you are hoping to serve everyone the same dessert.


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    Simple cereal: in the regular grocery store you can now find cereals such as “Puffins” or puffed rice that you can eat by the handful and digest easily.


    Gluten Free Pantry cake or cookie mixes: I always have at least one box in my pantry. The old-fashioned yellow cake mix is a great starting place for many different types of cakes.




Published On: May 28, 2014