Support Groups Part 2

Tracy Davenport, Ph.D. Health Guide
  • As a follow up to my last blog, I wanted to provide some specific information about support groups for families living with an infant or child with acid reflux.

    One such support group available to families is called “PAGER” which stands for Pediatric/Adolescent Gastroesophageal Reflux Association, and is an organization that provides information and support to parents and kids dealing with reflux. Their Web site contains a wealth of information about reflux in children, and an on-line chatroom to help parents connect with other parents. There is also a portion of the site designed especially for kids to use who have problems with reflux. Through the support group, PAGER volunteers are available to help by helping you understand the disease better and help work with your child’s doctors more effectively.
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    Another excellent support group is This site was created by a mother of a baby with reflux who felt than an infant reflux site was needed where a parent could find all of the information about infant reflux in one place. Their Web site contains information about understanding reflux, getting a diagnosis, and selecting treatment options. It also contains personal stories and message boards for parents to communicate between each other.

    These are only two examples of the many reflux support groups available to parents and families living with an infant or child with acid reflux. There are also local feeding groups that can help with reflux issues, and other support groups such as Jonah & The Whale Foundation that provide parents with support for complex diseases in general.

    Life’s chronic strains or difficulties have been less frequently studied than life events in general, but so far, the literature consistently shows that chronic strains are damaging to both physical and mental health. The scholarly literature backs up what our common sense tells us – sometimes the support team needs some support.

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Published On: June 16, 2006