Prescription Drug Ads Educate Consumers

Tracy Davenport, Ph.D. Health Guide
  • USA Today recently reported that prescription drug ads prompt nearly one-third of Americans to ask their doctors about the advertised medicine. Some wonder if the government should regulate the drug companies and their advertisements. My opinion is these ads are one more way for consumers to become educated about their healthcare.

    Research suggests that the health of a person and their level of education are closely related (Hong & Kim, 2000). One interpretation of this fact is that the more a person knows about his or her health, the better they will feel. With that in mind, I think we should all learn as much as we can about our health and potential treatments, including prescription medications which are available.
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    Learning about medications can happen for many of us who are outside of the medical community on the internet - either through medical sites such as The HealthCentral Network, or through scholarly databases where recent medical findings are published. In my opinion, taking away prescription advertising, especially on the television or radio, will only hurt those without access to the internet.

    The bottom line is we should each strive to have a medical team in place with whom we can discuss whatever information we find related to our health in an open and honest fashion. Together, we should be able to review the facts of the condition and the medication and make a decision for better health.

Published On: March 05, 2008