Just Do It - Part I

Tracy Davenport, Ph.D. Health Guide
  • This has been an exciting month in our household. My husband is a rowing coach, and for the first time he and his team have been invited to the NCAA Rowing Championships in Sacramento, California. We live in Maryland.


    However, this honor is not without trepidation.


    It's not so much the apprehension of moving a $30,000 fiberglass boat 3000 miles, or even feeding and housing 11 college women and three assistant coaches on the opposite coast three time zones away. Instead, the anxiety we are both feeling as he prepares for the trip is a result of the decision he has made to bring our six year old son with food allergies and acid reflux disease along with him to the Collegiate Championships.

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    The trip will be six days, which will include two long plane flights, a new city, and a small hotel room. There will need to be a day's worth of food brought on the plane, and a week's worth of medicine (Our son takes three different medications - one needs to be mixed, and two need to be kept cold). My husband (without my help) will need to make sure our son has all the special food and medication he needs each day, while coaching one of the most important races of his career.


    We both think this will be a fantastic opportunity for our son. A trip he will never forget. I will have my first week "off" in six years. So stay tuned. Next week I will let you know if everyone was a winner.

Published On: May 28, 2008