Just Do It- Part II

Tracy Davenport, Ph.D. Health Guide
  • If you missed part I read it first and catch up!


    Last week, my husband took my son with food allergies and acid reflux disease across the country to "help" him coach in the NCAA Collegiate Rowing Championships. Instead of translating my husband's experience, I thought I would let him share his experience directly with you!


    First of all, congratulations! Your team was ranked 12th among Division III colleges and you finished 11th.


    Thanks. A lot of work, and a lot of fun.


    Many of the HealthCentral readers are parents who are also caring for a family member with acid reflux, while at the same time, trying to juggle a professional career. Could you share what worked well, and what did not work so well in terms of taking Ben with you on such an important trip? For instance, what was the best part of having him along with you?

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    He has so much energy, asks so many questions and moves so quickly that it made everything more alive and fun. What worked well was having a group of athletes and coaches on the trip who were a great help with him, and understood his special needs related to food. One of the challenges was making sure during my busy coaching schedule that I was prepared with food for him, and getting him his medicine in a timely manner.


    What was the hardest part of having him with you?(I know we were both feeling a lot of stress the night before you left, with having to make sure he had all the food and medicine he would need). 


    The hardest part was the extra level of planning involved. Moving a team of 15 people and our equipment across the country required a lot of planning. The added time and energy to plan Ben's food (we were on airplanes for almost 14 hours total) was stressful.


    If you had it to do all over again, would you have made the same decision to take him?


    Without any hesitation.


    Would you have done anything differently?


    Our hotel room only had a small refrigerator in it. To do it again, I would try to stay at an extended-stay hotel with a full kitchen. That would have helped greatly with the food.


    Thanks! I know the trip was an experience of a lifetime for Ben.


    *For more information on preparing foods for your child with acid reflux check our our acid reflux/gerd diet page!

Published On: June 04, 2008