Obama's Pick for Secretary of Acid Reflux

Tracy Davenport, Ph.D. Health Guide
  • As President-Elect Obama puts together his cabinet, I hope his new team includes a Secretary of Acid Reflux. And while this may seem outrageous, just remember that the Constitution does not say which or how many executive departments should be created. It really is up to the President's discretion. So just in case the President-Elect is reading this, I have compiled a list of duties for his new team member, and I am providing a short list of names for the position.


    The duties of the new Secretary of Acid Reflux will include conducting acid reflux research, preventing an increase in the incidence of the disease, and putting programs in place to support families who are caring for a family member with acid reflux disease.

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    The first person the new President should consider for the post is Dr. Jeff Phillips from the University of Missouri. Jeff has been a leader and a maverick in the acid reflux field for years. His background as a researcher, chemist, and pharmacologist should probably be enough to qualify him for this new position, but if not, Jeff's skills as a family advocate will definitely push him to the top of the short list of candidates. Jeff has spent the last several decades listening to real families, and he has heard how reflux has changed their lives. Instead of judging these families as somehow inadequate, he has instead taken their information back to his lab and tried to create medications to make their lives easier.


    The second person on the short list of candidates for the new position is Jan Gambino. Jan has not only lived in the trenches of caring for her own children with acid reflux, but she has counseled thousands of other parents on how to get the best medical care for their sons and daughters. In order to do this, Jan has attended gastrointestinal conferences around the country and networked with healthcare professionals, finding out about the latest acid reflux research on the horizon. Her breadth of knowledge spans from how to get a baby with reflux to eat a new food, to the range of disorders commonly mistaken for acid reflux disease.


    President-Elect Obama if you are still reading, then I must tell you that both of these individuals may provoke controversy. But, that's one of the reasons I would recommend them to you, because when it comes to families and healthcare, we need a drastic change of guard. It's time for leaders to be chosen who are more focused on family-centered care, and either of these two individuals would fit the bill. Both are willing to think out of the box, and either of them would serve you well.


Published On: November 25, 2008