New Year's Resolution for Fun with Acid Reflux

Tracy Davenport, Ph.D. Health Guide
  • Being overweight is a strong risk factor for acid reflux disease and esophageal erosions. The risk for these disorders progressively increases with increasing weight. I suspect many of you are already well aware of these facts and would love to begin 2009 by getting in better shape. This SharePost is written for you!


    Unfortunately, somewhere in the late 20th century we veered off track and started to equate exercise only with things like sit ups, push ups, and running on a treadmill in a fitness center. In the midst of that fitness craze, we forgot that activities such as gardening, ballroom dancing, and kayaking also counted towards physical fitness.

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    When it comes to working out, I for one am not able to stick to an exercise routine if it isn't enjoyable. I am under too much pressure in all other aspects of my life to spend the few free minutes I have each day NOT having fun. So in the winter, I walk with three different friends on three different days, on the fourth day I take a Caribbean dance class, the fifth day I swim in an indoor pool, and on the sixth day, I go rollerblading out in the country to my favorite music. In the summertime, I substitute rowing for the dance class and swimming. These exercise activities are almost never a burden to me - instead, they are much needed mental breaks that I look forward to each week.


    If you are interested in losing weight and getting in better shape this year, I encourage you to find more joy in your exercise routine by doing the following:


    For the next three weeks, use either a blank calendar or journal to plan 30 minutes of physical activity for at least five days each week.

    • On the calendar or journal, make four entries: the activity you are planning to do, how you feel about the activity before doing it (1 = dreadful and 5 = excited), how you feel during the activity, and how you feel after the activity.
    • Plan one week of activities (at least five activities to last 30 minutes each). Do not put any activity down that you are not looking forward to from the start. There is just too much day-to-day pressure to make something extra happen that you aren't really looking forward to.
    • After the first week, look at how you felt during and after the activity. If the activity was not fun during and after it, replace it the following week with an activity you might enjoy more.
    • Repeat for the third week.

    Your goal is to set up an exercise schedule for 2009 that you will look forward to each week and that no matter what happens in your life, you will do everything possible to treat yourself to your planned activities.


Published On: January 08, 2009