Your Family’s Do-It-Yourself Biography

Tracy Davenport, Ph.D. Health Guide
  • It wasn’t long ago that families had a fairly clear life script. It was called something like, “This is the Way the Family Works.” The actors included a working father, a stay-at-home mother and just over two children. When one of the children in the family didn’t feel well, the mother took him to the doctor, the doctor gave him some medicine and institutional guidance and everything returned to “normal” soon after. But as we all know, that performance has since been cancelled, and replaced with a variety of family forms and living arrangements, and sometimes more questions than answers about how a health condition should be managed medically, socially, and financially.

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    What’s surprising is how many of us, especially with chronic health situations, continue to look high and low for a single strong prescription for how to make it all work just like it used to. 


    If your baby or child has reflux, I hope you can give yourself permission to stop looking around for a template that worked in years past. With a condition as potentially pervasive as reflux, what you and your family may find is that you may have to make decisions about your own family, rather than simply follow outdated rules.


    On the one hand, the absence of a “How to Make It Work for My Family” manual can be extremely distressing. On the other hand, think of the creative opportunity you have to write your family’s own life script.

Published On: April 30, 2007