Five Gift Ideas for a Baby with Acid Reflux

Tracy Davenport, Ph.D. Health Guide
  • As the holidays approach, many of you may be searching for a gift to give a family member or friend who is caring for a baby with acid reflux. Hopefully the list below will save you some time and let the caregivers know they have your support.


    1) Gourmet Food Store Gift Card: Many babies with acid reflux also have food sensitivities. Gourmet and specialty food stores such as Whole Foods, caters to those with sensitive stomachs. As just two examples, specialty or natural food stores have organic baby foods and teething biscuits that are made from a variety of gluten-free grains. They also have alternatives to dairy, such as rice milk and soy milk. These stores can be more expensive than regular grocers for some items, so consider giving a gift card to help make ends meet.

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    2) Acid Reflux Book: Acid Reflux in Infants and Children, written by our entire medical team, is designed to be a quick read for parents of a baby with reflux. There are chapters written by a variety of specialists, including a nutritionist, pharmacologist, and psychologist. The book is available from Amazon for $19.95 and can be ordered here.


    3) Something for the baby's sibling: Sometimes the sibling of a baby with acid reflux can feel like the world as he or she knew it has been turned upside down. A big brother or sister can sometimes only watch while everyone else tries to console a crying baby. During this season of giving, think about sending something special to the baby's older brother or sister, preferably something that they can play with independently, to let them know what a great job they are doing!


    4) Gift card for their local pharmacy: Many babies with acid reflux take both prescription and over the counter medicine for their reflux. Many of these medicines are not completely covered by insurance, so any help with the costs of medicines can be a great gift. And, almost all pharmacies carry things such as specialty formula, gas drops and diapers, so even if the medicine is completely covered by insurance, the gift will be appreciated.


    5) Gift certificate to baby sit so the parents can take a break: Finding a babysitter for a baby with acid reflux can be a huge challenge. Not just any "high schooler" can come in and care for a baby who is crying non-stop or spitting up. Finding a sitter was one of our biggest challenges when our son with reflux was a baby. Making a gift certificate for free babysitting on the computer with a choice of specific dates will let your friends or family know that you understand how hard finding child care can be for a baby with acid reflux.


Published On: December 09, 2009