Why Blog About Reflux in Kids?

Dr. Bryan Vartabedian Health Guide
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    Now, his story:


    This all started a few months back, when I received a call from Bill Allman, Chief Creative Officer for The Health Central Network. His goal was to make THCN the premier health portal on the Internet.


    With a frightening deficiency of reliable information on the Web, acid reflux disease in children was seen as a key part of his goal's success. He asked for my help, and here I am.

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    So why me?


    I'm an advocate for parents. When it comes to acid reflux recognition in children, I believe that parents need to advocate for their kids. Only through education can parents be empowered. While my book, Colic Solved, offers parents everything they need to know about the care of their refluxing baby, it's ultimately a book about advocacy.


    I work at the largest children's hospital in the United States. As a full-time clinician at America's largest children's hospital, I rub elbows with colleagues who are at the cutting edge of medical advancement. The division of pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition at Texas Children's Hospital/Baylor College of Medicine is one of the country's premier programs for training the next generation of pediatric gastroenterologists. My specialty within this prestigious group is seeing sick children. I hope to bring some of what's happening at Texas Medical Center to parents on the Web.


    I've lived with two children with reflux. Both my children have lived with acid reflux. I think there's nothing better than practical experience on top of professional expertise.


    I'm passionate about reflux disease. Anyone who has ever heard me speak about acid reflux knows that I'm passionate about helping doctors and parents understand how to recognize it and how to fix it.


    I'm excited to be here. Hopefully I can add to the practical, real world experience of Jan Gambino and Tracy Davenport, who are true champions for kids with GERD.


Published On: September 10, 2007