Q&A: Insurance Company Authorizations

Todd Eisner Health Guide
  • Insurance company authorization of medications can be challenging for both patients and physicians. Proton pump inhibitors, because of their cause are commonly affected. Thankfully, because there are generic and over the counter proton pump inhibitors available, there are options. You should check with your insurance company to see what proton pump inhibitors would be covered twice a day.


    If none of the brand name medications are, typically either Omeprazole, the generic form of Prilosec, or Pantoprazole, the generic form of Protonix will be. Finally, over the counter Prilosec is a cost effective option as well. Keep in mind, it is okay, and possibly would be efficacious to take your prescription Prevacid in the morning, and supplement it with an evening dose of over the counter Prilosec. Your physician may have other ideas for you, including the ability to write a letter to your insurance company on your behalf.

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Published On: January 29, 2009