Teaching My Daughter to Talk About Her Acid Reflux Pain.

  • As most of you know I have spent a huge portion of this blog discussing my youngest little refluxer.  She is one of the unlucky few who had reflux as an infant and never went on to outgrow it.  At five years old she is still dealing with acid reflux and we are learning to negotiate the illness in different settings.

    When my daughter was home with me it was much easier to manage her acid reflux.  Since I had control over what she was eating and when she was eating it, it was much simpler.  Allowing someone else to have that responsibility is scary.  Especially when your child has yet to trust these new adults with her pain or special needs.

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    Last night my daughter came home from school like normal, we got cleaned up as we normally do and I began fixing dinner.  During a quiet moment later in the evening my husband mentioned he had not heard her complain much about her stomach.  I realized he was right and was slightly embarrassed that in the chaos of a new school year I hadn't noticed.  Squeaky wheels get the most grease at our house.

    I scooped up my little up-chucker and asked her if her tummy hurt.   To my delight she said "No mommy it feels good right now".  I decided to probe a bit deeper and asked her if it had been hurting at all lately.  In a matter-of-fact sort of way she said, "Yes, it hurts every day at school but I only tell my teacher if it is making me frow-up". 

    Not only is it hard for me to trust someone else with my daughter's medical needs it is also hard for her to trust an adult she doesn't quite know with her pain.  I reminded her that her teacher and school nurse are there to help and that she can tell them if she doesn't feel good.  Now, I don't want to open the floodgates for overuse of the nurse pass but I also want an accurate portrayal of how my daughter is feeling.  That is something I won't know if she is not with me and uncomfortable talking to the adults she is with.

    I haven't found the answer to this problem yet.  Hopefully as the year drags on my daughter will be more comfortable talking to her teacher about her stomach pains.  Have any of you had similar issues with your children?  What did you do to help your child communicate their needs?

Published On: September 09, 2010