Can Reflux Cause Weight Loss in Children?

  • As most of you know my oldest daughter Melina had acid reflux as an infant and outgrew it. Most of my recent blogs have been about our youngest refluxer Ella and her journey with this painful disease. Unfortunately Ella's twin sister Ava has also started to have some symptoms of reflux and her physician recently placed her on medication as well.


    Ava is pretty tiny to begin with and this bout with stomach pain has really been hard to watch. She just does not have a lot of reserves should she skip a few meals due to stomach aches. Obviously this is very concerning to myself and my husband.


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    Last week we decided that in addition to the mediations we needed to take a more proactive role in maintaining Ava's weight. We pulled all of the reflux triggers from her diet and started doing more calorically dense meals. Smaller and more frequent feedings have also helped her immensely.


    We have also added a supplement called DuoCal to Ava's diet and switched her back to whole milk. This has helped to add a few calories back into her diet on those days where she simply refuses to eat enough. While she has not gained any weight she is at least maintaining.


    Weight loss is a huge issue for many children with GI issues. What are your favorite tips for sneaking extra calories into your kidos?

Published On: April 29, 2011