Traveling With a Child with Reflux

  • Traveling with children can be rough. Traveling with a refluxer can be downright impossible... or at least it may seem that way. Today I had to pack up all three of my girls for a fairly short trip to visit with my parents. Trust me, it takes a lot of planning and I wasn't sure if I even had the brain power to get it all done. When you have a child with any medical problem you don't want to leave something out that may be essential to their care.


    Here are a few tips that might help you make it through your next vacation without missing a beat!


    Double check your child's medications. Make sure that you have all of the medications that they would normally need along with those extras that might be needed. (Like Tylenol for a fever or Benadryl for an allergic reaction for example). Check each bottle and make sure you have enough doses left to make it through your trip. Refill anything that needs refilling before you leave. I almost left with an expired Epi-pen so make sure you double check expiration dates on medications like that one before leaving. Check airline rules for carry-on items and don't pack all of your child's medications in your luggage. If it ends up being lost you will be in big trouble.

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    Always allow for extra outfits or pairs of pajamas should reflux rear it's ugly head and ruin an outfit. You know your child best. If they tend to puke all of the time then you may need more spares than a child who only has issues every once in a while. Bring plastic bags to place soiled clothing in. Especially if you may not get to washing it for a while. Once you get to your destination rinse it out and let it dry before repacking it. Otherwise you may end up with molded AND puke on clothing. Very gross! You can also buy "barf bags" for long car trips if needed.


    If you plan to fly with your reflux baby it can be wise to time feedings for take off and landing if possible. Drinking and swallowing can help keep your baby from having issues with their ears popping during the flight. Older kids may do well chewing gum during these time periods.


    Those are just a few tips that have helped me travel with my reflux girls. I would love to hear any tip you may have used to travel in the past! I hope you all have a wonderful summer and puke free vacations!






Published On: June 29, 2011