Acid Reflux Pen-Pal!

  • Sometimes kids do not outgrow their infant reflux and end up dealing with reflux well into older childhood years.  Our youngest refluxer Ella was one of those rare few who had to hang on to the rollercoaster a bit longer.  It has presented issues that we would not have even considered.  One of which is that she often feels misunderstood.

    In the last week or so I got to meet a mom who has a 7 year old with reflux and other GI issues.  Both of our girls have begun to e-mail each other back and forth.  It's nice for them to get some support and to chat with another child who is in their same shoes.  I only wish I had thought of it sooner.  Even though we are at the beginning stages of their pen-pall friendship, I can tell that this will be very good for Ella.  Hopefully it will be good for her new friend too.

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    This is what Ella e-mailed to her pen-pal:

    Dear Friend,

    I have stomach problems too.  My parents have to deal with it a lot.  I don't like having my stomach hurt.  Do you miss a lot of school?  I missed a few.  I had to go to the hospital for it.  Do you have to go to the hospital for your stomach too?
    Where do you go to school?  My mommy is attaching a picture of me.
    Hope you feel better.

    It may not seem like a lot... but to a  6 year old who feels different from her friends, it is everything.  I hope this encourages you to find some support for your older kids as well!

    Below is a picture of Ella!

    Ella enjoying the beautiful Fall weather here in Arkansas!

Published On: November 15, 2011