Bowel Disease and Psycological Trauma Linked

  • A stomach ache here and there might not be something to worry about but if your child is constantly complaining about their stomach there could be something else going on.  We used to be taught that stomach or GI issues were either caused by a physical source OR and emotional one.  Only recently has it become evident that the physical and emotional issues are more closely intertwined.

    An interesting study just released indicated that in 50% of IBS patients have experienced some kind of abuse (1). This number is double what is found in people with out IBS. The abuse was not limited to sexual abuse but included other forms of psychological trauma. While stress has often been linked to IBS it is thought that the trauma of sexual or psychological abuse may sensitize the brain gut interaction.  

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    Of course this news does not mean that everyone with IBS is abused but it is definitely something to keep an eye out for.  If your child has serious changes in behavior, including how their gut behaves, then it may be a warning sign.  Anyone who is experiencing serious trauma should be evaluated and treated by the proper physician in order to limit potential issues manifesting themselves later.

Published On: November 07, 2011