Reflux Symptoms Not Always from Acid Reflux

  • Over the years of dealing with two children that had acid reflux and other GI issues it has become second nature to blame every additional issue on the reflux. Not sleeping well? It must be the reflux! Crabby kid? Reflux pain, of course. Puking again? Reflux flare up! Asthma aggravated? Well, you get the picture.

    Just this week we had a similar scenario play out. Ella accidentally got some tomato in her meal and the next day she was clutching her stomach and puking. Of course my instinct was to immediately blame it on her acid reflux disease. It was not until her sisters started with stomach aches that we realized it must have been a bug of some kind. I am sure I am not the only reflux mom who has had this same experience.

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    You can get into problems is when you treat everything like it is acid reflux. Medication adjustments may be made when the issue was not reflux at all. That is why it is important to have your child's symptoms properly evaluated by a physician. They can help asses whether the symptoms are actually a true acid reflux issue or whether it could be from something else.

    It can take a while to get over the knee jerk reaction to blame everything under the sun on acid reflux. Just remember that lots of healthy kids have stomach aches from time to time. Good communication with your child's physician can help weed out those normal childhood tummy aches from the ones you need to treat.

Published On: December 16, 2011