Lung Function and GERD

  • As most of you know my little refluxer also has asthma. After talking with many parents it is very clear to me that we are not the only ones in that boat. We have seen anecdotally that when our daughter's reflux is under control she also tends to have better control of her asthma.


    A recent article in the Archives of Surgery discusses the use of anti-reflux surgery to improve airway function in patients who had end stage pulmonary disease. It was interesting to note that the anti-reflux surgery improved lung function in patients who have had a lung transplant as well as in those who were still awaiting transplant (1). This study definitely reiterated the link between GERD and compromised lung function.

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    If you or your child has asthma that is hard to control it might be wise to seek an evaluation for GERD. It could be the answer to getting your airway issues in check.







Published On: December 23, 2011