Dysphasia and Acid Reflux

  • Dysphagia is simply a difficulty in swallowing.  People with dysphasia may have to put forth significantly more effort to move foods or liquids from their mouths and to their stomachs.  It can lead to complications that include weight loss, malnutrition, choking or even aspiration or aspiration pneumonia.

    There are different causes of dysphasia.  Some people develop dysphasia due to stroke, Parkinson’s disease or other physical conditions like a lack of saliva.  In acid reflux disease dysphasia is generally caused by an increase of inflammation in the esophagus.

    If you begin to have issues with dysphasia you need to speak with your doctor immediately.  It may be that your current medications for acid reflux are no longer working for you or it could be unrelated.  Either way, your doctor needs to diagnose and treat the issue as soon as possible.  

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    Untreated acid reflux damage can lead to cancerous changes in the esophagus down the road.  If the dysphasia is not found to be caused by acid reflux it is important to determine why it is happening so that issue can be treated appropriately.  Many conditions have a better outcome when they are found and treated in the early stages.  Don’t delay.  If dysphasia has you down, contact your doctor!

Published On: July 30, 2012