The Basics of Testing for Dysphagia

  • If you have acid reflux or EoE and suspect that you have an issue with dysphasia your doctor may want to run some additional tests.  Some of those tests may check whether the medications you are using are working and what damage is going on in your esophagus.  A scope with biopsy is generally the Gold Standard for this kind of information.  

    The tests most often used to diagnose dysphasia is a swallow study.  First a patient may have an SLP where a speech language pathologist watches you swallow different liquids and foods while studying your swallowing ability.  They may also check to see how well you coordinate the muscles in your mouth and how well you speak.

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    Additional tests employ the use of a barium swallow study.  During this study the patient will swallow a liquid laced with barium while the radiologist takes images or video of how well the food is moving through the mouth and into the esophagus.  All of these tests are useful in determining the issue.

    Swallowing may sound like a simple thing but when you can’t swallow or your swallowing is impaired it can be the biggest problem in your life.  Thankfully there are some good diagnostic tools to determine the extent of the issue.  Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing dysphasia.  The faster you figure out what is going on the faster you can work on resolving the problem.

Published On: August 20, 2012