Increase your Nutritional Status, Even with Reflux

  • Just because you have acid reflux disease or even occasional heartburn does not mean you cannot maintain a healthy diet while protecting your esophagus.  Use these tips to get the nutrition you need.

    1.  Eliminate foods that trigger acid reflux and medications that can trigger a reflux reaction.  Specific triggers will be different for each individual but generally include:


    Anti-inflammatory Medications (Ibuprofen, Naproxen (Aleve), Celebrex, Mobic)

    Foods and beverages:

    Sorbitol (chewing gum)
    Coffee (especially with caffeine) 
    Fat, especially saturated fat (dairy products, fried food) 

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    Citrus (orange juice, lemonade etc) 
    Spicy foods 
    Tea and soda
    Tomato juice 
    Peppermint and spearmint

    2.  Substitute proteins like chicken nuggets and other high-fat cuts of meat for leaner proteins like fish or chicken breast.

    3.  Eat 4 to 6 servings of fruits and vegetables each day, but be careful for fruits and vegetables that may cause reflux for you.

    4.  Limit sugary drinks to one per day.

    5.  Limit to one “sweet” or dessert per day at 300 cals or less.

    6.  Include foods with probiotics (like yogurt).

    7.  Add water or zero calorie beverages.

    8.  Use appropriate medications or supplements as approved by your physician.

    It can help to keep a food journal and note symptoms while changing your diet.  Journaling can show you if you are meeting your goals and help identify foods not previously listed that may trigger pain.  Many times you can see a pattern right away.  Should you notice specific foods continue to cause problems you may want to discuss intolerance or allergy with your physician.


Published On: August 29, 2012