Complications: How to Cope

  • As we've discussed before, food refusal can be very scary for a parent.  We talked about some of the ways to get over the hump of food refusal last time.  The other side of the issue is dealing with the fear associated with having a child who is not thriving.  

    If you have ever known the fear of loosing your child, realized more clearly by medical issues, you know that it can become all consuming.  I have seen many parents become very depressed, angry or even obsessive about their child’s intake.  Even once the child has gotten well.

    I am not hear to say, “Get over it”.  I don’t believe you ever “get over” your child being this sick.  I do believe you can get through it.  With your sanity in tact.

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    For mothers with sick children Post Partum Depression (PPD) can be compounded.  It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help.  It does not mean you are crazy.  There are a whole host of hormonal and physical changes that happen when you have a baby.  If you add the fear of loosing your child and lack of sleep… it can seem overwhelming.  Please talk with your doctor honestly about your feelings.  There are a lot of options for dealing with PPD.

    It can also help to stop over analyzing every detail your child consumes.  Once they are well and thriving it is not necessary to spend so much time on these details.  In fact, it can keep you from moving forward.  

    Taking a break and taking some time for yourself can also be essential in coping.  Exercise can be a wonderful break time.  It can help you both mentally and physically to deal with the stress and worry.

    If these things do not alleviate some of the stress and worry you should speak to your physician.  There are some parents who have dealt with very sick children that can exhibit symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress.  Your doctor can help with things like medication or referrals to psychologists who are better equipped to treat this problem.

Published On: November 12, 2012