Truancy and Your Acid Reflux Child

  • This is the time of year where most children rack up absences.  Usually do to passing the flu bug or some other virus around the school.  Close quarters in the winter make this germ sharing all the more easy.  If you have a child who also has reflux you may find that they are racking up even more absences when you combine reflux pain with the normal absences.

    Many schools have strict attendance policies so if you think your child may be out more than allowed be sure to be clear on your school’s policy ahead of time.  Some schools will allow absences to be excused if you provide a doctor’s note.  

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    If your child has chronic problems it may be wise to have a medical plan at the school.  A medical plan will not only outline the ways the school can help your child  but also gives them a heads up that your child might miss more days than most.  If the issue is severe then you might also investigate whether a 504 plan would be appropriate for your child.

    Be sure to keep an open line of communication with your child’s school and teacher.  They can help keep your child caught up when they miss class and keeping them informed will help them distinguish your child’s absences from someone who is a truancy issue.

Published On: January 11, 2013