Keeping Teeth Healthy in Children with GERD

  • Last week we took our youngest refluxer to the dentist.  I cringe every time because you just never know what havoc the acid can be doing to her teeth.  We do everything we can to protect her teeth and fortunately she has always gotten a good report.  Aside from properly treating reflux there are some things you might want to consider doing if you have an acid reflux child in order to protect their teeth.

    Be sure to follow good dental hygiene.  Brush and floss your child’s teeth twice per day.   Use mouth wash as indicated by your child’s dentist.  We have found that mouthwash can be a good tool in rinsing extra acid out of our refluxers mouth.  Make sure your child is seen by a dentist every six months or more if indicated by their dental health.

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    Avoid soda and citrus drinks.  Both of these things can be hard on refluxers to begin with so not only can it help their dental health but it may improve their reflux symptoms to avoid these things.  Soda seems to be the biggest offender but you need to remember that the phosphoric acid in soda (and citric acid in citrus drinks) can wear out the tooth enamel.

    Sometimes when your child is really sick there is not way to brush their teeth every time they vomit but at least try to get them to rinse their mouth out with some fresh water.  Following these steps can help your refluxer keep their beautiful smile for years to come

Published On: March 19, 2013