Pill Sized Camera Catches Best Images of the Esophagus

  • There are new promising diagnostics for catching Barrett’s Esophagus or other issues in the esophagus.  One of the more interesting tests involves the use of a pill sized camera.  The pill is tethered to the imaging console and allows the information to be transmitted to the physician in real time.  The pill camera can then be removed via the tether when the procedure is completed (1).

    Some of the additional benefits to having this type of device is that there is no need for patient sedation.  The images were also clearer and more definitive of disease presence than the imagines derived from the endoscopy.  The new procedure cut the total procedure time from a 90 minute endoscopy to a, at most, 6 minute procedure.

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    Hopefully, the device will become more readily available over the coming years.  It is certainly a simpler procedure which could lead to earlier diagnosis and  treatment of conditions like Barrett’s and esophageal cancers.

Published On: May 21, 2013