Minimally Invasive Treatments for Barrett's

  • Some of the more minimally invasive procedures to treat Barrett’s Esophagus may be just as effective as other more invasive ones.  Two of the less invasive procedures involve 30 minutes outpatient procedures performed with an endoscope.  The first uses radiofrequency ablation to remove the damaged cells and the second involves the surgeon cutting away the damaged cells.

    In 95% of the cases all of the damaged cells were removed from the patients esophagus which greatly reduced the chance of progression to cancer.  Two thirds of the patients went years without any signs of the disease returning.  While this is not to be considered a cure it can be a good tool in dealing with Barrett’s Esophagus.  Patients should still have frequent monitoring of their condition to insure than any return of disease can be treated quickly and effectively (1).

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Published On: May 21, 2013