Burn Free Summer

  • It's summer again and if you're anything like me you are looking forward to some hot days, barbeques and pool side parties.  While we know to slather up in our high SPF sunscreen to prevent a burn, we also need to prevent the burn of acid reflux in order to have a good summer.  Here are a few foods you might want to avoid if you want to make it through the summer burn free.

    Lemonade.  I know, it is such a refreshing summer drink but the lemons are highly acidic.  If you have acid reflux it is best to avoid lemonade as much as possible.  If you just have to have a glass then make it a small one and be sure you have a full stomach.  The food will help to buffer the acid.

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    Alcohol.  Not to be a buzz-kill but your beverage buzz may also be an acid reflux trigger.  Alcohol can lower the pressure in the LES and allow more food to sneak back up into the esophagus.  In addition to that your drinking may lower your inhibitions enough to cause you to make other not-so-good nutritional decisions.

    Processed meats.  Sorry folks but one too many hot dogs or nitrate containing BBQ foods can contribute to your acid reflux pain.  Feel free to indulge but keep it at a single portion unless you are extra sensitive.

    Fried chicken or other fried foods.  Be careful, anything that is high in fat can lead to reflux pain.  Keep your picnic healthy and limit acid reflux by substituting grilled or baked alternatives to your fried faves.

    Tomato or tomato based products.  Be careful, for some people even small amounts of tomato can mean huge amounts of pain.  Ketchup, salsa, sauces with tomato are all added culprits.

    Chocolate.  I hate to say it but chocolate is a big reflux trigger.  Whether it be your grandma's chocolate cream pie or some chocolate ice cream on a hot day, chocolate is a huge burn bringer.

    Obviously this is not an exhaustive list.  If there is something that you know will bother you please try to plan ahead so you can avoid being in pain this summer.  Be sure to keep up with your medications as you vacation!  Follow these tips and have a wonderful summer everyone!

Published On: June 05, 2013