Q and A: Overwhelmed With Reflux Baby

  • I am at my wits end. My infant daughter has acid reflux and screams all day long.  I can not even put her down to properly care for my other children.  I don't know what to do and am very overwhelmed!  HELP!

    I am so sorry to hear you are going through this.  Babies with acid reflux can be very "high needs" and even more so when the reflux is not under good control.  It may be time to make an appointment with your daughter's pediatrician and adjust the treatment plan.  There are many changes that could potentially help your daughter be more comfortable.  Sometimes adding probiotics, changing formula or removing triggers from your diet, if you are breastfeeding, can help ease symptoms.  It is also possible that a different medication could do the trick.

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    My reflux babies really enjoyed swings and other toys that allowed them to remain somewhat upright.  The rhythm of the swing seemed to sooth my refluxers.  At least long enough to feed big sister.

    Babies can also tell when mommy is "done".  They will often feed off of your own stress level.  It is really important as the mom to a "high needs" baby that you schedule some time in for yourself.  If your partner, parent or friend can give you a break you should take them up on it.  Sometimes just a short walk in the sunshine can do a world of good for your sanity.

    If you are not comfortable with someone watching your baby then you can try what we did.  I wrote a list of my "chores" that I was comfortable having someone else help me with.  Sometimes it was laundry, meals or picking my oldest up from school.  Whatever you feel comfortable getting help with I highly recommend you take it.  People genuinely want to help but just don't know what to do.  A list solves that issue.

    If you still find yourself overwhelmed and abnormally sad or depressed it is very important to talk with your physician as well.  It could be "baby blues" or the more serious post partum depression.  Take care of yourself because it is the greatest gift you can give to our child.

Published On: September 05, 2013