Preventing Halloween Acid Reflux Flares.

  • Acid reflux can be a huge PAIN during the holidays. Halloween tends to be a huge issue at our house because chocolate tends to be a massive trigger for myself and my daughter Ella's reflux. As much as I would sometimes love to "opt out" of Halloween, it isn't feasible with our girls. They love the day of dressing up and hanging with their friends so we have to come up with safe ways to negotiate the holiday. Here are a few tips we have learned that can help you get through Halloween without any scary flare ups of acid reflux.

    1. Buy your Halloween candy the night before or the morning of Halloween. Do not leave bags of candy sitting in your house for days before the holiday. If you are anything like me it will be impossible not to sneak a few bites here and there. A few extra bites of chocolate can lead to days of pain for myself and my daughter. The less time you have with the candy in the house the better!

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    2. Do not purchase the candy items that tend to be your worst acid reflux triggers. Simply put, if it triggers your own acid reflux or your child's then just don't buy it at all. There are plenty of other candies that don't bother our reflux as well as "healthier" alternatives available. We try to stick to those during the Halloween frenzy!


    3. Eat before you Trick or Treat or attend Halloween parties. Eating a healthy reflux friendly meal before you participate in the festivities can help prevent overeating or settling for foods that might become an issue later. When you are famished it can be a lot harder to pass up on those trigger foods.


    4. Go through your child's candy and replace it with reflux friendly treats. Make sure your reflux child knows that you will have to go through the candy bag before items are eaten. Have treats available that are not triggers that you can exchange the other items for.


    5. Get rid of the trigger foods as soon as possible. Whether it be sending them to work with your husband, tossing them in the break room at your work or just plain tossing them out... it is best to get the triggers out of the house quickly. This can prevent snacking your way into a flare up!!


    I hope that you will all have a wonderful reflux free Halloween!


    Challenge: For older kids you can offer to buy their reflux trigger foods from them. Maybe $1 per candy bar. You can then use the money as a donation in your child's name for their favorite charity. The charity closest to my own heart is the Pediatric Gastroesophageal Reflux Association (PAGER). We plan to donate to PAGER this year so our trigger foods can actually HELP kids with reflux!


Published On: October 19, 2009