Anxiety with the Doctor: Presenting a "Self-Diagnosis"

Stephanie Health Guide
  • I hate going to the doctor. I think most of us do. Some fear getting a bad diagnosis. Some have white coat anxiety. Some don’t want to get on the scale. For me, I fear being told there’s nothing wrong with me or to stop reading the internet.


    Now, I’m not saying every doctor out there is going to tell you that. But, there are so many that do. You come in “knowing” what’s wrong with you. You tell the doctor what you read and he seems to blow you off. Well, really can I blame him? He is the “expert” right? But, at the same time it seems like instantly assuming I believe everything I read on the internet is very judgmental and assumes I have absolutely no filter or education.

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    My last experience with a primary care doctor did not go well. I finally had enough of all of my quirky symptoms and went to see her. I honestly wanted some more thorough blood work and wanted a good work up. Well, the general blood work came back “normal” and she told me basically that my issues were because I am a Mom and it was winter……. I left and never went back. In the meantime, because I don’t need referrals, I went off and got myself thoroughly diagnosed and yes, I was right about my diagnosis. But, here lies the problem – I may not always be right about my diagnosis and like I said in my last post – self diagnosing and treating can be dangerous.


    So, now I have this fear really of going back to any primary care doctor but alas my belly hurts. It hurts a lot. I did what I always say not to do when I answer questions. I self medicated – well I increased my medications on my own to a level I have been told is safe. Today I considered switching to a Prilosec which worked well in the past since the increased Pepcid isn’t doing the trick and then well, I just decided to bite the bullet and go see the doctor. It’s Monday – the receptionist asked if I could wait until Wednesday to see the physician’s assistant my husband swears I’ll like. I said “sure, can I do Thursday?” After all, I’m in no real rush, it’s hurt for a month now – what’s a few more days???


    What I’m really trying to say in this post is that I generally post a lot of what we all should do. I just want everyone to know I’m just as human – I don’t want to go to the doctors…..

Published On: September 19, 2011