The Diagnosis Journey: Step 1 – Primary Care

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    This will be a multi-part sharepost as it will journal my process of getting a diagnosis. This first part is after my trip to primary care. You may have read my earlier post about how I didn’t want to go to the doctor but alas my stomach pain was new and different and not getting better with my conservative measures such as stopping all aggravating foods, eating smaller meals, increasing my meds to a level I had been told was safe, etc.


    So, off I went to primary care. I explained my symptoms which included mid stomach pain – above my belly button but below my ribcage. I explained that this pain was different than my “known” heartburn/reflux pain symptoms which is generally higher up, just behind my breastbone. This pain also felt different as it is more pain less burn. It happens as soon as I eat anything, even drinking water brings on the pain.

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    The physician’s assistant I saw said that my explanation of what I am feeling and my history suggest an ulcer. He felt my stomach but at that point it didn’t hurt very much because I hadn’t eaten just in case he wanted to take blood – which he did.


    The bloodwork included a standard CBC (complete blood count), a comprehensive metabolic panel as well as tests for pancreatic function (amylase & lipase), and a blood test to see if I have anti-bodies for H. Pylori.


    I was then given samples of Dexilant – a proton pump inhibitor. He gave me a ten day supply assuming I would be able to get an appointment with a GI doctor within ten days. No, it’s going to be twelve days so I will need to go back and get another sample or a prescription to make it to the ten days.


    So, right now I’m in a holding pattern. I started the Dexilant three days ago and so far the pain is still there though it might be getting a little better.


    My next post will include my bloodwork as well as my trip to GI.

Published On: September 27, 2011