A Day in the Life of a Refluxing Baby: Helping your pediatrician understand how your baby feels.

Stephanie Health Guide
  • When my daughter was little, she was a miserable baby most of the time. She had pretty significant reflux and could literally soak me to my underwear when she spit up. Despite all this she was gaining weight, growing taller and had no respiratory issues.


    She cried most of the time, only slept when upright and needed to be held almost constantly.

    But, when I would go to the pediatrician’s office she tended to be on her best behavior. Being a new Mom, I had a hard time “complaining” about her behavior. Her doctor would do her measurements and assure me that the spit up was okay as long as she was growing and not having problems breathing. So we went on and on. Eventually she wound up on meds and felt much better.

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    Three years later, her middle brother was born. He was my best refluxing baby but he was also good at showing his misery at the doctors. In fact, at a month of age, she told me “even if I didn’t know the family history, I would recommend he be on medication.” This was despite the fact that he was a much more robust baby.


    So, looking back, what I really learned is that it was important for me to tell my pediatrician what the symptoms are. I also learned that it’s okay to treat reflux for extreme irritability, after all, that’s the only way my daughter had to tell me how much she was hurting. Lastly, I learned that writing down what a typical day looked like including feeding, sleeping and crying really helps a pediatrician understand how a baby feels. Writing down this way also felt more objective and less like I was complaining about my baby.


    The more you share with your child’s pediatrician the better able she will be to help!

Published On: November 07, 2011