Happy Father's Day For Reflux Dads!

Jan Gambino Health Guide
  • Happy Father's Day to all of the Reflux Dads! If you are a new dad, your life may be busier than you ever imagined. While all dads face new worries and challenges, your experience may be different  because your baby has reflux. You might go to work each day feeling exhausted from helping to comfort your crying baby all night. You may have extra chores at home such as helping to clean up the spit up or holding the baby upright after a feeding. When your co-workers ask how the baby is, they expect you to gush with pride ad produce pictures of your little angel smiling or sleeping peacefully. You may have to lie a bit. Yes, being a dad is the greatest honor and she is the most beautiful baby in the history of the world but it is so hard right now. Maybe you have to omit the part about how your baby was inconsolable for three hours last night, you had a disagreement with your wife about whether you should call the pediatrician or not and your wife started to cry.

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    So this Father's Day remember:


    • You are a wonderful Dad.
    • Your baby and her mom love you.
    • You are working harder than the average Dad right now.
    • Next Father's Day will look more like the commercials on TV!


    Next year, maybe the reflux will be gone and you will be the guy who talks non stop about every little thing your smart/adorable/creative/agile baby can do. You will have an endless supply of new pictures to show your co-workers each week.


    Congratulations and best wishes to you and your beautiful family!

Published On: June 16, 2010