Does Your Grandchild Have Reflux?

Jan Gambino Health Guide

    Does your grandchild have reflux?  What is infant reflux anyway? Don’t worry-you are not alone. HealthCentral is a great place to meet other grandparents and find out about the symptoms and treatments for infant reflux.


    While infant reflux is common, it may seem very new to you. Not so long ago, infant reflux was considered rare in infancy and childhood. In the past, perhaps when you were raising children, fussiness and crying in infancy was attributed to colic. Now thanks to better diagnosis and awareness, more and more babies are being diagnosed with reflux. Colic didn’t go away-plenty of babies still have colic! However some of the babies we thought of as having colic probably really had reflux.  There is a great deal of overlap in homecare treatments for colic and infant reflux such as swaddling, movement, extra burping and holding to relieve symptoms. In the end, whether it was reflux or colic, the symptoms went away in time.

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    As a grandma, you have a big job. You are worried about the health and well being of your new grandbaby. She is so little and seems to be in so much discomfort. All you want to do is make it better. You want to watch her eat and sleep peacefully. You want to hold her and watch her smile and coo. But all she does is cry.


    At the same time, you are filled with worry about your daughter/daughter-in-law or son/son-in-law. They are worried and stressed and you want to fix that too. They are beyond tired from caring for her 24/7 and going back and forth to the doctor. There may be added expenses from missed days at work and special formula or medication. You want them to enjoy parenthood but they seem so miserable. So here you are on the internet searching for answers.


    You may find yourself in an awkward position. As you gain more information on the internet and from networking with other parents and grandparents, your ideas and knowledge may be construed as criticism or unwanted intrusion. Sometimes it helps to do research and gather information. Other times, your readiness to take a shift walking the baby or taking care of the other children is most welcome. Sometimes it can make a huge difference if grandma or grandpa goes to the doctor’s appointment. Your observations may carry a lot of weight with the medical team.


    Let me know your questions and concerns about your grandbaby with reflux or share your story.


Published On: July 19, 2010