Reflux on Vacation at the Beach: Navigating a Fried Food Menu

Jan Gambino Health Guide
  • Well, we got up at oh dark thirty and went speeding off to the beach for our annual summer vacation. We spent more time slogging along in traffic to get there then it would have taken us to fly cross country. Oh well. It was all worth it. At the end of the day, we were delirious from fatigue and happiness as we watched the sun set at the beach.


    In a five mile back up to the bridge, a woman in a pick up truck yelled out the window to me, “What is a GERDMOM?” She was reading my license plate that reads: GERDMOM, short for Reflux Mom. The license plate could not accommodate so many letters so I had to shorten it. “I write about reflux-it is a long story!” I yelled back. The girls giggled from the back seat. She promised to check out the website and find out more. So if the lady in the pick up truck from Massachusetts with the adorable dog wearing a bandana is reading this--Hi from the beach house!

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    Next we stopped at my favorite clam bar for dinner. I have to get my fill of this stuff once a year. Everything on the menu began with the word fried: Fried Clams, Fried Scallops, Fried Fish. Oh and of course everything came with French Fries or Onion Rings (fried). My two refluxers groaned. “I want something that isn’t fried!” they moaned. Their stomachs were aching just from the thought of eating fried food, not to mention the strong aroma of fried seafood in the air. A seafood salad was their best shot. Only it came with a side of French Fries. Tomorrow we will eat at the beach house and give their reflux a bit of a vacation too.


    I hope you are having a good summer whether you are at the beach or having a staycation at home. Make sure your reflux gets some rest and relaxation too by avoiding the clam bars and fast food restaurants on your journey!


Published On: August 02, 2010