Reflux Mothers, Don't Lose Hope; Coping with the Stress of Caregiving

Jan Gambino Health Guide

    At some point, I lost hope that my baby with reflux would get better. My days were filled with worry about her weight and her breathing since the reflux caused aspiration. Night after night, the reflux woke her up and left us both feeling exhausted. Feedings were difficult and she had many ups and downs with her weight. I thought the reflux would stay the same and she would never learn to eat or enjoy food. Certainly she would continue to be a picky eater and go to the prom with a little baggie of dry cereal just in case she didn’t like the entrée or the selections at the buffet. But slowly she did learn to digest food and eat a greater variety of foods. More foods than I ever imagined-even green vegetables, Thai Pad Noodles and salad.

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    If you are reading this, you might have lost hope too. Some situations just seem too sad or hopeless. Sometimes it seems that the acid reflux just isn’t getting better. You are back and forth to the doctors and the clinic for more tests and treatments. You buy all of the medications and the special formulas. Somehow nothing is really working to make the reflux better and your baby is still crying.


    For some reason, it has been a busy week and I have been hearing more stories about feeding issues and reflux from moms and dads near and far. The stories are sad and I hear the fear and hopelessness in your voices. I know it is hard to believe me when I say there is hope. My little one had a long journey and there were many times when nothing seemed to work. I was often tired and grumpy from caring for her. I kept going to the doctor, asking questions and networking with other parents until I found the best way to treat her symptoms.


    Over time, I know your baby will feel better and she will eat food. More importantly, she will eat more foods than you imagined and she will probably ask for more. You will just smile and remember how hopeless things seemed and now she is growing and thriving.

Published On: September 01, 2010