Ask the Reflux Mom: Four Years, 200 Blogs and 60,000 Words Later

Jan Gambino Health Guide

    It is hard to believe that this week marks four years since I started writing a weekly blog for HealthCentral. Four years, over 200 blog entries and well over 60,000+ words later, this Reflux Mom is still writing about acid reflux and learning something new each day.


    Here is what I have learned so far:


    I should have gone to medical school.


    If I had known the complexities of the medical conditions my kids had before birth, I would have enrolled in medical school.


    Parent support is key to coping with reflux.


    I still need the doctors and the prescription medication but I also need support and lots of it. There is nothing like another mom or dad going through the same experiences to offer support and information on coping with reflux.

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    Searching for information has never been easier.


    Whether it is how to spell Gastroesophageal Reflux or how to cope with a rare symptom, I can use the power of the internet to search for all of the information that I need, connect with others and share experiences. HealthCentral’s large and diverse AcidRefluxConnection community is a super place to find other parents, share ideas and learn more about reflux.


    Patients can gather together and learn more.


    It is amazing to me how we can find each other and learn from each other. Parents shared information and experiences on sleep feeding at HealthCentral and have increased awareness of this condition in the medical community.


    I have written enough to fill another book.


     When all of my Shareposts are gathered together, the length is about the same as my book, Reflux 101: A Parent’s Guide to Gastroesophageal Reflux. Maybe it is time to get started on my next book?!



    Writing it down really helps.


    I started writing about my daughter and her health issues when she was an infant. Writing helped me sort out my concerns, reflect on how she was doing and most of all vent about the hardship and the worries I felt at the time. I think writing, whether in a journal, an online blog or Sharepost is a positive way to cope with an infant or child with a chronic health condition such as Gastroesophageal reflux. I encourage you to write about your experiences, too.


    I have met so many amazing Moms and Dads.


    Raising an infant or child with reflux takes special skills, patience and stamina. Every day, from around the world, you manage to log onto your computer and share your story.


    Whenever I think that I have heard the saddest story or the all time most stressed parent, another message pops up in my inbox. You are all amazing and inspiring to me.







Published On: September 10, 2010