Spit Happens

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    Have you seen those little bibs that read, “Spit Happens”? Just about all babies spit up but a baby with acid reflux may really make a mess and spit up during and after each meal. Those bibs may seem cute but when you have a baby with a serious spit up problem, it is no laughing matter. Most of the time, the spit up seems to miss the bib and goes right on her clothes, down your arm or on the furniture. Soon it seems like everything is covered with spit up stains and smells like old milk.


    Just about every Reflux Mom or Reflux Dad has a story about spit up. Unfortunately, the stories all end badly:

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    Finally we had a sitter for our first ever post-baby date night. Just as we were about to walk out the door, I handed the baby to the sitter. My husband told me the sad news: my dress looked great in the front but the spit up dribble down the back was extensive.


    I tried to warn grandma not to bounce him after her bottle. Before you could blink both of them were covered in spit up.


    Why did I buy a new couch anyway? It is so stinky and stained that no one wants to sit down in my living room.


    All babies keep our hands busy but a baby with reflux often needs extra holding and comforting, special assistance with feeding and certainly extra clean up and clothing changes (for baby and mommy). Just when you thought your work was done, you still need to scrub the furniture and deep clean the carpet. Some of us even need to take apart the car seat and hose down the high chair.


    Next week: Best clean up tips for your worst spit up situations.



Published On: September 29, 2010