How to Clean Up the Spit Up

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    It may be hard to believe how much a little baby can spit up and vomit. Some babies with acid reflux spit up over and over again, day and night. Other babies with reflux may vomit the entire feeding, every time you feed her. Heaven knows she is not going to aim for the bib or towel over your shoulder. It is likely to land on the rug, your clothes and every surface of your house. Not to mention all of her beautiful baby equipment like the changing table, stroller and car seat. That is a lot of spit up and a big mess to clean up.




    You cannot possibly prevent all of the spit up from landing in the wrong place. However, you can keep some of the spit up and vomit from landing right on your rug and furniture. 

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    Here are my tips for containing some of the mess:


    ·      Keep a bib on your little one at all times.

    ·      Keep a stack of towels and spit up pads in every room of the house.

    ·      Cover the couch with a washable slipcover.

    ·      Place towels over the slipcover in the spit up zone (the places where your baby may be over your shoulder for instance).

    ·      Wear layers of washable clothes.

    ·      Purchase a car mat for under the car seat. The local dollar store may have a shower curtain liner for an inexpensive alternative.

    ·      Purchase a washable pad for the car seat and stroller. If you can afford to, purchase several.

    ·      Keep a bag of towels in the car so you can place one on your baby’s lap and under her chin when you are under way.

    ·      Before purchasing a car seat, stroller or high chair, check to see if you can take the padding off and wash it.


    Next week: How to clean the baby gear and your clothes.

Published On: October 07, 2010