Live From the GI Conference: Day 1

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  • Journal Entry: Day 1


    I am full of excitement about going to the NASPGHAN Conference today but first I need to attend to the many little things that a mother has to do before leaving town for a few days.


    6:30am: I drive the carpools to school, distribute the overnight bags, medicine and the emergency contacts list to the kind neighbors who are taking care of the kids.Then I return to school with the items left in the back seat of the car and rush to the airport.


    10am: Board plane and begin to relax. I notice a newborn in the arms of his parents a few rows ahead. I do a quick assessment and determine that he does not have reflux. The clues are: he lets out a tiny, 5 second "whaa," nurses and falls asleep for the duration of the flight, making less noise than some of the adults. I guess this baby is not one of the 1 in 20 otherwise healthy babies with reflux symptoms. Perhaps that is why he is already a veteran air passenger at such a tender age.

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    noon: Arrive in Denver enroute to Salt Lake City. I admire the snow on the Rockies as we taxi in and listen to my phone messages. Luckily there have been no calls from the kids or their caretakers yet! A reflux mom in South Carolina is calling to see if I am at the conference yet. She knows that her gi specialist is lecturing tonight and laments: my kids always get sick when the doctor is out of town! She jokingly asks me to call her after the lecture!

    Then I realize something: all of the gastroenterologists in the United States are attending the conference this weekend. What are all of the reflux moms going to do for the next 4 days when their kids get sick? Too bad we can't set up an emergency contact system or an 800 number for the weekend. If you are really desperate and can't get in touch with the doctor, what if you send me an email with the name of the doctor and the question. I could scan nametags in the elevator looking for your doctor or take a poll of the doctors I meet (just kidding -- you will need to check in with the on-call doctor).


    7pm: I attend the dinner meeting and hear a very interesting lecture on controlling reflux disease when acid suppression is not enough. I will give you more details about the lecture later.


    10pm I am finally in the hotel and off to bed. The first lectures start at 7am, so I better get to bed.

Published On: October 26, 2007