New Products for Babies with Reflux

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    I know you need an awfully big “toolbox” to care for your baby with Gastroesophageal Reflux and sometimes the products are hard to find. Don’t you wish there was a reflux section of the big box store or super sized baby store where you could see all of the products side by side? It would make comparison shopping so much easier. Instead, Reflux Moms and Dads are left wandering through a lot of stuff that just doesn’t work for our babies.


    I did some searching of my own at the exhibit hall of the American Academy of Pediatrics Conference this week. I am always on the lookout for new products that will make your caretaking easier. Each year at the conference, I have a “wow” moment when I see a product that is so innovative and useful. When I talk to the inventor, it turns out the inspiration for the product has its origins in solving a caretaking concern with their own child.

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    Keep in mind that I have not tested any of these products nor did I receive any compensation for presenting them to you. However, if you try one of these products, I would be grateful for your feedback. Just be sure to post it right here on HealthCentral so we can all hear about it.


    Zaky and Zak’s Sack by Zakeez, Inc.


    This washable pillow looks like a giant hand. Put it in the dryer and it is warm and soft as can be. The Zaky has many used from positioning a premature baby in the NICU to positioning a baby in the stroller or car seat. Zak’s Sack is a front carrier for premature babies who need skin to skin contact and upright positioning. Zak’s Sack can also be used for newborns that need extra soothing and upright positioning for digestion.


    NapNanny by Baby Matters, LLC




    Imagine a comfy lounge chair for playtime or rest. The Nap Nanny keeps a baby at a 30 degree angle so your hands are free after a feeding.


    MAM Teethers by MAM, Inc,




    Many of you have already tried the MAM bottles and especially the MAM Anti Colic Bottle. Now MAM has BPA Free teethers for every type of teething need: early teething, cleaning, back teeth relief and playtime. We know that reflux often flairs when there is a new tooth causing double the pain and discomfort. The cleaning teether with its soft bristles was my favorite!


    Neocate Nutra by Nutricia,




    Babies in need of an amino acid based formula for food allergies and other digestive conditions now have a new option: Neocate Nutra. The powder may be mixed with water or strained fruit to offer a safe, nutrient rich baby food that can be fed with a spoon. Finding a “safe” food for a baby on a special diet can be challenging so this product fills an important need.


    Weil Baby Bottles and Breast Pump, Key Baby, LLC,




    Dr. Weil products are designed to support breastfeeding with a new hospital grade breast pump that will be available in retail stores for the first time and BPA Free bottles, glass bottles and accessories for feeding. Certainly breast milk is considered an ideal food for many babies with reflux. We know there are many challenges to nursing a baby with reflux so this item may be useful for going back to work, interruptions in nursing due to feeding difficulties and pumping and re-feeding.


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Published On: October 22, 2009