• carla carla
    February 17, 2009
    How long should you take protonix and sucralfate?
    carla carla
    February 17, 2009

    I have serve copd, now complicated by a severe acid reflux attack confirmed after a endoscopy/colonoscopy.  Aspirin + theophylline, antibiotics, and prednisone were thought to be the main culprits all added  after viral pneumonia. I am now off the above drugs, with the exception of  prednisone  7.5 mg and other inhalers, sprivia, foradil, atrovent, pulmacort, albuterol, xanax for anxiety.  The pharmacist says atrovent is bad for acid reflux and I've read xanax not terrific.   The gastro/ent. doctor put me on protonix and sucralfate. I understand protonix is usually a maximum of 16 weeks and strong stuff. What about sucralfate? I don't want to be on any medication longer than necessary. What's the balance here if any?  



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