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Wednesday, October 21, 2009 mome3, Community Member, asks

Q: Wheezing with Acid Reflux???

I guess I am looking for some reassurance. My daughter is six months old. She was put on zantac at 4 weeks for acid reflux. Lately she has been wheezing and was now put on prevacid and breathing treatments. The dr. said we are going to treat her as if she has asthma. Nothing seems to take the wheeze away. Should I be concerned about any other issue?
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Stephanie, Health Guide
10/21/09 9:05pm

The wheezing can be made worse by the reflux. How long has she been on the Prevacid?


Realistically, I am glad your pediatrician is taking an active approach to all this especially given that it's flu season. I would keep a good eye  on her and track her symptoms if you can (e.g. how many nebs she needs etc). that way you will be better able to tell if she's improving or not and if you need to get her back in.

mome3, Community Member
10/22/09 11:03am
She has been on the prevacid for one week, but was on the zantac since one 4 weeks old. I have been doing the neb. treatments every four hours and no improvment on wheezing. Reply
Stephanie, Health Guide
10/22/09 12:26pm

At 9 years old my daughter got a chronic cough that we couldn't get rid of with any of the asthma meds. On a whim, having remembered research that I once read about asthma like symptoms due to reflux, I put her back on the Prevacid that she had stopped when she was 4. The coughing stopped. After 2 weeks, we stopped the Prevacid. Cough came back. Back on Prevacid, it was gone again. So, we've gotten back down to using only Zantac instead of the Prevacid but for her that's what she needed for the cough.


The fact that the nebs aren't working for the wheezing makes me think that her doc would want to look further into it. Does the wheezing get worse after she eats? Has her doc considered a swallow study to make sure she's not getting little bits of food into her lungs?


Prevacid is much stronger than the Zantac. It's also very possible that the Zantac may have needed to be a stronger dosage to be effective for your daughter. My daughter was on a very high dosage of Zantac when she was a baby. Her pediatrician would not prescribe that high but her GI doc did. It was the only way we could keep her okay. She was a baby when Prevacid was very new and rarely given to babies. My third baby on the other hand got Prevacid first.



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